Although the specific needs of each individual are different, we find that most of our clients look to us for one or more of the following solutions:

Institutional Investing

We offer our clients access to institutional quality investment portfolios.

Cash Management

We develop cash management strategies that allow you to put your cash to work while maintaining liquidity for immediate needs .

Retirement Planning

We work closely with our clients to build solid retirement plans and make sure they stay on track to achieve their goals.

Small Business

As small business owners ourselves we have extensive experience managing the unique challenges and risks associated with owning a small business and can do the same for our clients.

Legacy Planning

We work to understand the type of legacy you want to leave and put a plan in place to transition your assets accordingly.


We help clients who need lending and credit product to use them to their advantage and strike the right balance between assets and liabilities.

Lone Oak Investment Group, along with our Broker/Dealer LPL Financial, possesses particular expertise, as well as the products and support necessary to provide you with the service you deserve in each of these areas.

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